MENU for Teens Fight Adult Corruption
R. A. "Buddy" Scott ©

This full-length novel blazes two new trails in intervention and prevention: The book is a powerful mentor for teens in novel form (prevention), and it is a self-help novel providing the equivalent of 20 counseling sessions (intervention). By osmosis--teen readers absorb wise counsel from reading this exciting and attention-holding drama.

Indirect counseling is more digestible to teens than direct confrontation. Peer counseling can also be more effective. And that's why this novel communicates truth and wisdom via conversational exchanges between teen characters. "A novel to mature audiences" means that the novel helps its audiences become more mature. The title, Teens Fight Adult Corruption, means that as teens become more mature they learn to fight the negative adult role models intruding in our culture. The title of this novel could have been Relief for Hurting Teens since it is the counterpart to Relief for Hurting Parents. However, that title would not have been as attractive to teens as Teens Fight Adult Corruption. Attention: Most of the concepts and principles within the parent's book are reproduced within the drama of the teen's novel. This design insures that both parents and teens receive guidance that is consistent and in harmony, and it mandates that the books be used together. Both books are a must read for parents, and the novel is a must read for teens.

Some parents aren't comfortable with the first few chapters of this novel. That's why the title page carries this notation: THIS NOVEL MUST NOT BE JUDGED UNTIL THE COMPLETE WORK IS READ. Parents tend to be concerned during the first 167 pages because this novel wasn't written to appeal to them: It was written to appeal to teens who tend to want to be opposite of them. Today's savvy teens won't read a wimpy novel. The novel must ring true to them, and they must be able to identify with one or more of the characters. Parental concern turns to appreciation when parents click on "Traditional Values that the Novel brings to Life" in the menu below.