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Teen suicide is a serious problem in many countries. This novel helps teens decide not to take their own lives. This sample page presents three of the top 14 reasons not to commit suicide.


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Lying down on the couch, Candace asked to be alone to read the article:


Here are the top fourteen reasons for someone not to commit suicide:

14. Murdering yourself to get out of a bad situation would not be fair to you. Why let someone who has already made things difficult for you cost you your life? Fight like a gladiator! Make wise decisions that will improve your situation, and act on them!
13. Killing yourself to show someone how deeply you've been hurt by him or how mad you are at her is too fat a price to pay. If you are 21, you may live to be 80. That means you have 21,549 days to solve your problems, and to laugh again, and to have fun again--to LIVE! Who wins if you give up all your days and the "jerk" who did you wrong gets to keep all his or her days? The "jerk" wins! You don't want that! No way! That would merely leave things unjust forever.
12. Suicide would stamp THE END on your life on earth, and your life story would always be a tragedy. Your story could never have a happy ending. But if you hang in here and keep trying, God promises that you can live happily ever after. Healing comes naturally to those