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By now, teen readers have bonded with their favorite characters, and it's time for them to begin to illustrate the reason for the book's dedication: "This book is dedicated to all strong-willed teens who dare to unravel the mysteries of life." But the concepts and principles teen characters decide to honor do not come from adults. They discover them for themselves, and they play a primary role in formulating the words to express them. The novel incorporates two excellent methods of counseling: indirect counseling and peer counseling. The teen characters in the book become peers with teen readers. Teen readers identify with teen characters and hopefully mature as they mature.


something for students. You guys had better stick with Teenagers With Wisdom. Except that most of us don't like to be called teenagers. We like the word teens better."
"That's sharp of you to see that, Fred," John said. "Teens With Wisdom Society, is that the name you want?"
Everyone decided it was the best name.
John continued, "Maria and I made up a description and purpose that we'd like you to discuss." He handed the clipboard to his wife. "Maria will read it to you."
Maria read with emphasis, "Our Teens With Wisdom Society is a fellowship of teens who have formed an oasis of friendship and support in a stressed-out and confused culture. Our purpose is to help each other muscle up and rise above his or her problems, frustrations, or mistakes, and build an invincible life."
Ray interrupted. "Build an invincible life? How about wording it: to design better lives? We can have designer lives like designer clothes!"
Maria read more, "Our common goal is to be truly independent--to live quality-controlled lives based on the wisdom of Christ."
"Based on the wisdom of Christ?" Fred objected. "Give me a break! Is this turning into a Sunday school class or what? This meadow is our party spot! You are getting carried away!"
"Sounds plenty cool to me," Dale said. "I'm in."
The other teenagers didn't object to including Christ since Dale supported it. But Dale sensed the need to say a few words, "We can't be shy about including Christ. Jesus said, 'Whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.' Leaving out Christ would be stupid and cowardly and most definitely shortsighted."
Signs of agreement came from around the circle. Maria slipped her hand into John's hand.
"What we should do this evening," John coached, "is come up with some principles for the TWW Society that would help kids survive anything they go through, any temptations they face."
Maria pitched in, "Some of you are trying to survive the terrible mistakes your parents or other adults have made in your lives. All of you are trying to outlive your own mistakes. Let's develop some principles that will help you make it no matter what's already gone wrong in your life."