Brief Description of Teen Characters in
Teens Fight Adult Corruption

DALE--How can he be so smart?
His mother was a prostitute and died of AIDS-related diseases, and his younger brother was murdered by a rival gang. He is alone now--a street kid who has no family.

TERENCE--What will he do with his moment in the spotlight?
His parents are stricter than most parents, and this student council member is trying to cope with dyslexia, struggling to make it to his senior year. His family is so functional and his parents are so careful to be good parents that it gets on his nerves.

HOPE--Is there hope for her?
She has been placed in a youth home by Children's Protective Services. She does drugs, drinks, and plays (has sex with guys just for the fun of it). She claims her father, a minister of one of the largest churches in town, was a child abuser and always invaded her privacy. Hope was so convincing that a case worker removed her from her home and placed her in a youth home. Hope likes it there because she has more freedom. Hope's parents are brokenhearted.

KAPRICE--Is relief in sight?
This cheerleader's father abandoned his family. Her mother is doing her best to be both Mom and Dad to Kaprice and her little brother, but an oppressive boss makes life harder than it has to be.

CANDACE--How can she survive?
Her stepgrandfather is molesting her, but she has no proof to show authorities. He has her so paralyzed by his threats that she's afraid to report his nightly intrusions.

FRANCO--What can he do?
He watches his mother getting used and being beaten by live-ins and one-night stands, and tries to protect his little half-sister from being sexually abused by one of Mom's significant others.

KYONG SUK--How will she do the splits?
Her parents are divorcing, shoving her into the middle, each trying to win her by telling her nasty things on the other...and each trying to use her for a therapist. (Her name is pronounced Chong Sue.)

RAY--Will he use alcohol as an escape?
His mother is having an affair with Fred's father. Ray's father abuses him. Ray drinks like a fish.

LEILANI--Is she doomed to follow in her parents' footsteps?
Her father is an alcoholic, her mother is a cocaine addict, and she lives with her grandparents. This cheerleader is haunted by an abortion. (Her name is pronounced Laylawnee.)

DANIEL--Can he have a life?
His parents have labeled his friends: THE WRONG CROWD. And they don't want him to be with them. But he thinks his parents' friends are grosser than his friends.

FRED--What's in his future?
His father is having an affair with Ray's mother. Fred maintains a porno library for his peers and tracks the best sex sites on the Internet.

BRADY--How does he handle trouble when it's spelled with a capital T?
He says his parents are a little stupid and can easily be conned. Leilani's abortion haunts him, too.

How do these adolescents cope with their serious problems? VERY UNIQUELY!