Audience on the Author's Heart as He Wrote
Teens Fight Adult Corruption

Teens Fight Adult Corruption is a powerful mentor, a self-therapy novel, an incredible parable, designed to be a positive influence where parents, grandparents, guardians, and counselors are often forbidden to go. Here are the audiences R. A. "Buddy" Scott had on his heart as he wrote his novel:

  • Teens who believe their parents are stupid and who sabotage the noble efforts of competent counselors.
  • Teens who live behind "no trespassing" signs because they have been sucked into the wrong crowd or have joined gangs.
  • Teens who are isolated with severely dysfunctional parents.
  • Teens who have been displaced by their parents' significant others.
  • Teens who are being raised by amoral or immoral parents.
  • Teens who have been morally confused by incompetent therapists.
  • Teens of parents in community or church leadership positions who rebel carelessly, adding insult to heartbreak.
  • Children who have left their teen years but continually act irresponsibly and immaturely in adulthood.
  • Students who are taught in schools and universities to achieve intellectual respect by deserting the "unprofessional and bigoted" values of adult role models who honor traditional Christian values.
  • Teens who courageously stand for their faith and need dynamic affirmation.
  • Teens who want to be positive influences on their peers and need an effective tool for doing so: Teens Fight Adult Corruption.