The purpose of
Teens Fight Adult Corruption

Effective mentors must bond with their young people before they can be major positive influences in their lives. That's why this novel, Teens Fight Adult Corruption, takes the approach that it does.

With the cover and early scenes, the novel objectively penetrates the obnoxious world of high-risk teens where kids are partying, talking crudely, and bashing parents, Christian leaders, faculty members, professional therapists, and others. Early scenes reveal the teens' careless lifestyle and severe problems and give teen readers opportunity to begin to feel for them, identify with them, bond with them, and cheer hard for them.

Note: Rebellion means "opposite of" responsible adults. Therefore, if mature adults like the cover and early content, most high risk teens won't. Our urgent mission to redeem our children must attract them, begin where they are, and lift them out of irresponsible and dangerous attitudes and behaviors. Once teen readers bond with the characters, they travel the road of hard knocks with them and journey with them through the maturing process built into the powerful story. In the novel, ten of the wrong-crowd-type teens become responsible people. Now for a preview:

Because of their parents' problems, the teens seek counseling from their high school counselor. She refers them to professional therapists. Unable to pay the fees, they get disgusted enough to challenge themselves to come up with their own answers. At that point, they accept responsibility for their own problems. They are assisted by a young coach and his wife who defy the orders of a controlling principal "to leave my students alone," and they unwittingly serve as facilitators for the kids.

In their secret place in the forest, the teens have tailgate talks to figure out how to cope with crisis after crisis. They develop coping commitments for succeeding in life, (1) although bad things have happened to them in the past, (2) although they have made mistakes themselves, and (3) although there are pressures on them now. They call their commitments the Strong Wills for the strong-willed. Based on them, they organize the Teens With Wisdom Society. At novel's end, other societies are forming near high school campuses. And the author invites you to pray with him that hundreds of support groups for teens will spring to life throughout the world from his amazing parable for preventing kids from becoming prodigals or for intervening with kids who have already become prodigals--for both prevention and intervention.