Sample Pages of Relief
rescue and recovery
to save defiant children
(Page 161)
C H A P T E R 19


This chapter reviews and builds on what you've learned in the previous chapters, and it will show you how to administer rescue and recovery (R and R) operations for your misbehaving teenager, if you happen to have one. The same concepts and principles apply to guiding teenagers who are basically behaving themselves.
Every fortress must maintain a carefully designed rescue and recovery strategy, and your family fortress is no exception.

The seven essential strategies of R and R work in concert.

Your rescue and recovery plan involves seven essential strategies of R and R that must occur simultaneously, constantly, consistently, persistently, and relentlessly--in concert--as you seek to rescue and recover your children or preserve your children.

1. Keep compassionate pressure on your children to act responsibly.

The positively best thing you can do for your children is to raise them consistently with the real world. Future employers, future families, and God Himself will not put up with...

extreme sloppiness
chemical abuse

or with those who...

often search for loopholes
refuse to listen


Other topics in this chapter include...

These seven essential strategies for R and R
must be constantly in concert.
Use the formula below for a proper pressure setting
for orchestrating a rescue and recovery effort.
Use this form to orchestrate the seven essential strategies
for rescue and recovery.

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