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Allies for helping parents recover
their child's well-being
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Your Allies
Remember some of the old Western movies? The fortress would be about to collapse when over the hill came the reinforcements from the cavalry and saved the day! Your family fortress can also receive help from reinforcements. These are other authorities who will reinforce your rescue and recovery operation to save your teenager. You should do your best to add these reinforcements to your united front.
The last portion of this book will introduce you to these allies, inform you of how to work with them most effectively, warn you about how a few of them might betray you and hurt you and your teenager, and offer guidance on how to be selective of persons you will trust for assistance.

C H A P T E R 21


What rebellious teenagers don't want is exactly
what they will get.

When teenagers break the Ten Commandments and no longer honor their fathers and mothers enough to be obedient to them, they will suffer the natural consequences: What they don't want is exactly what they will get. They will get more authority hovering over them, and the authorities will ask more questions and impose more rules. Rebellious teenagers are crusading for more independence, but they will get less. Concerned authorities equals more hassle. That's just the way the world works.
If they disregard and disobey their parents and hot-rod the car, for example, they will finally get caught and will find themselves involved with a legal authority --the police.
If they become more rebellious and rebel against the police, too, they will be ticketed again and again until another authority, the insurance company, will step in and cancel their insurance. Mr. Hard Knocks will discipline them by requiring them to


Other topics in this chapter include...

Meet your allies.
It is as your child chooses.
Thank God for reinforcement from the reinforcements.
Actively form alliances with the allies.
The word is diplomacy.