Endorsements from Professionals and Publications

Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, school counselors, guidance counselors, ministers, youth leaders, and state and national leaders endorse the help and encouragement provided to parents and teens through Relief for Hurting Parents: How to fight for the lives of teenagers by Buddy Scott.
With and without medications (Ritalin, Adderall, Cylert, Tenex, Tomoxetine, Dexedrine, DextroStat, Wellbutrin, Bupropion, Tegretol, Prozac, Zoloft, and other drugs), experienced family counselors, family therapists, school counselors, and pastors who are seeing families with troubled teens, defiant teens, ADD (attention-deficit disorder), ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and strong-willed children are counseling from Relief for Hurting Parents.

"I have worked with children and parents for over forty years. Never have I seen or felt the intensity of their pain as now. Relief for Hurting Parents is extremely timely. It offers comfort, encouragement, and solutions." --Grace H. Ketterman, M.D., Child Psychiatrist and Pediatrician

"This volume is a must for all parents because of the unusual insight and practicality stemming from the author's experience. I recommend and use it constantly in my counseling practice as well as seminars." --H. Norman Wright, Founder, Family Counseling and Enrichment

"Your book is an excellent resource. You are right on target on the subject of teenagers." --Kirk Fordice, Former Governor, State of Mississippi

"I want every one of you parents to get this book, Relief for Hurting Parents, How to fight for the lives of teenagers. God has raised up Buddy Scott because we can't do it alone." --Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministry

"This book will show you how to equip your child with a healthy conscience." --Wayne Shepherd, Moody Broadcasting Network

"In Relief, Buddy Scott has captured the parenting skills and values that are passing away and placed them in one volume to be preserved for all time." --L. Duane Alcorn, Ed.D., L.P.C., L.M.F.T., Marriage and Family Therapist

"Buddy Scott provides practical, proven solutions. He has been used by the Lord to knit many families together in a fabric of honesty, love, and mutual responsibility." --Robert S. McGee, Founder, Rapha Hospital Treatment Centers

"I hope a lot of parents read this book. It is excellent." --Philip E. Batt, Former Governor, State of Idaho

"We have found Buddy's book, Relief for Hurting Parents, an excellent complement to our program. It offers parents practical and effective tools for dealing with oppositional-defiant teenagers." --W. Tom Parker, Former Executive Director, Minirth-Meier Clinic Day Hospital

"Relief for Hurting Parents certainly contains valuable insights and practical information for every family. I commend your efforts to help the many parents who may turn to your book as a last resort." --Don Sundquist, Former Governor, State of Tennessee

"Relief for Hurting Parents is full of helpful clear directions for how to deal with struggling adolescents...Scott has a solid understanding." --Cliff Schimmels, Professor of Education, Lee College

"You have great insights..." --Orrin G. Hatch, United States Senator

"This book represents the best advice available for dealing with teenagers. It contains practical and easy-to-follow steps for maintaining order in your home." --Steve Underwood, Vice President/General Counsel, Tennessee Titans

"This parenting book means business. It's for the parent at the end of his or her rope, as well as for parents who haven't had to face serious problems yet. It's a unique book that offers firm solutions to tough problems." --Atlanta Daily World newspaper

"Relief for Hurting Parents is an excellent resource for helping parents deal with teenage children." --UPDATE, Official Publication of the United States Air Force Chaplain Service

"Buddy Scott's sound advice from the front lines combined with sincere faith are like lifelines for sinking families. I know it's a fact--Christian Parenting Today readers with teenagers look to him for help when the going gets tough." --David Kopp, Former Editor, Christian Parenting Today magazine

"Through stories, illustrations and how-tos, Scott presents Christ-centered concepts and principles to help parents balance compassion and appropriate discipline with teenagers." --Parents of Teenagers magazine

"Buddy Scott understands the pain of caring parents whose kids go astray and offers suggestions for persevering in love...This comprehensive book also teaches you how to head off problems before they begin. It's a valuable resource for any family--those in crisis and those who wish to avoid it." --Focus on the Family magazine

"Buddy Scott restores parents' confidence in themselves and reassures them that kids can change. He clearly lays out how parents can reinforce the moral structure of their homes." --Bookstore Journal

"Relief for Hurting Parents helps Christian parents cope." --Publishers Weekly magazine

"Relief is sincere, honest, encouraging, and hard-hitting... and good preventative medicine... I had a hard time getting it back from the hurting parents to whom I had loaned it." --Youthworker magazine

"The book is based on sound principles that work." --Southwestern Journal of Theology

"Relief delivers...encouragement and practical strategies for coping with problem teen-age behavior." --Campus Life magazine

"Scott gives help, hope, relief, and support to hurting parents." --Quaker Life magazine

"This book is unequaled in its unique combination of strength and tenderness." --Victor Oliver, Oliver-Nelson Books, Thomas Nelson Publishers (first publisher of Relief for Hurting Parents)

"Relief for Hurting Parents is the text for my course on Ministry to Parents of Teenagers. My students, ministers and youth leaders, have found the book to be invaluable as a resource and as a reference for parents. Thank you, Buddy, for authoring this book." --Philip H. Briggs, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Student Ministries and Youth Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Relief for Hurting Parents rings with validy and authenticity. It meets the need for a book that speaks to parents in the real world. I have appreciated this book, and I use it in several classes." --Wesley O. Black, Ph.D., Professor in Youth Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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