Testimonials from Parents and Guardians

Parents of teens involved in underage drinking, running-a-way, breaking curfew, hanging out with the wrong crowd, gangs, drug abuse, and the like endorse the help and encouragement that they have received from Relief for Hurting Parents: How to fight for the lives of teenagers by Buddy Scott.
With and without medications (Ritalin, Adderall, Cylert, Tenex, Tomoxetine, Dexedrine, DextroStat, Wellbutrin, Bupropion, Tegretol, Prozac, Zoloft, and other drugs), parents of troubled teens, defiant teens, ADD (attention-deficit disorder), ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and strong-willed children are discovering effective help from Relief for Hurting Parents.

"As I read this book, I felt life flowing into me." --Texas

"Your book charged me with new hope and dedication." --Utah

"The book restored my confidence in myself as a human being." --Texas

"This book has been an anchor in my storm." --Georgia

"By reading Relief for Hurting Parents, I discovered I was doing a lot of things right, and I discovered new things to do. I feel better about myself as a parent." --Washington

"Relief is an answer to prayer." --Florida

"Relief changed my life." --Louisiana

"This is the help I've been searching for, for years." --Minnesota

"Relief for Hurting Parents was truly heaven-sent to me." --Georgia

"Your book is like a healing balm covering our wounds. Our daughter hid it for a time, but we found it, and now it goes with us everywhere again." --Texas

"Your book has brought direction and more peace into our lives." --Colorado

"I devoured the book. Nothing else comes close to helping like Relief does." --Oregon

"We were about burned out emotionally. Thanks for the much-needed help." --Ohio

"I carry your book everywhere I go. It has so much healing within it." --Texas

"I loaned Relief to a dear Christian couple. The mother came back clutching the book, asking if she could keep it. She said it was keeping them SANE." --Missouri

"My precious kids will have a better mother because of your work." --Alabama

"This book not only saved our child...it also saved our marriage." --Texas

"Through the principles we learned in Relief, our home and lives, that were once in chaos, are now in harmony." --South Carolina

"I've only read the 1st chapter, but I've mustered up more faith to carry on." --Illinois

"I'm reading Relief for the third time. Through it, I am finding inner peace." --Utah

"My wife and I bless you for writing such a helpful, intelligent, spirit-filled and honest book. We took turns reading chapters and discussing the book's concepts and our feelings. This proved to be therapeutic for us." --Oregon

"Your book is amazingly compatible with what we were doing, but gave us so much more in the way of specifics." --Utah

"I read Relief with a pad of stickum notes and pencil in hand. By the end of the book, the wall was covered in yellow stickums as far as my arm could reach!" --Indiana

"I have highlighted over half the book. It is full of information that every parent needs to know. I am going today and order 10 copies to give to friends." --Tennessee

"Our daughter has mental health problems, and the book has been a great help." --Ohio

"If I had purchased your book one week earlier, I would have read chapter 28 and known not to put my son in the treatment center I chose. They were doing what your book warns parents about. I had him transferred to another hospital. Thanks!" --Georgia

"I wish Buddy's book had been a prerequisite to Lamaze classes." --Michigan

"The Boy Scouts have a handbook; now parents have a handbook." --Alabama

"Relief for Hurting Parents is the book of instructions that should come with strong-willed children. It is the manual for our parent support group." --Texas

"Thank you for giving parents a place to go when all seems hopeless!" --California

"The support group enabled me to understand my childhood and dysfunctional family. It helped me deal with many issues that had been stuffed and ignored. It showed me there is a way to stop the cycle." --Texas

"I am sending you a picture of the children Relief helped raise. If you ever get a little discouraged, Buddy, dig out that picture and look at those healthy, smiling, bright faces and know that all your hard work and financial burdens are worth it! As a single parent, I could not have managed to keep my three children healthy, active, drug-free, responsible and aware of others without their other parent--had I not had your book." --New York

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