A mother from Texas...

Please tell Buddy Scott that the book is wonderful and is the most positive, hopeful, and concrete, and encouraging one I've found.

A father from North Carolina...

Dear Mr. Scott:
My wife and I have used your book to successfully rescue our teenage son! When we checked him into Rapha Treatment Center, they gave us your book to take home and read. Your book made such a difference in our son that our pastors asked us to teach a class at our church based on your book. It has been very well received!
Thank you again for a wonderful book. We have no reservations about recommending this work to anyone!

Max and Kathy Jennings -- San Antonio, Texas...

Dear Friends at Allon Publishing:
It's not often that I am so impressed by a book that I need to do a book review. However, while in Pearland, Brother Cliff took me over to visit a counseling center in Lake Jackson, Texas. The founder and director, Buddy Scott, shared with me a little bit about his counseling ministry there. I purchased his book, Relief for Hurting Parents, which he graciously signed for me. It is a how to do and how to think book for when you're having trouble with your kids. It's advertised as the book of instructions that should have come with your Strong-Willed Teenager!
This book is so impressive and rich in godly counsel that it will be mandatory reading in my counseling sessions with parents with troubled teens. I have been overwhelmed with the number of parents going through heartaches these past few years with their troubled children. Nothing in which a human deals with in life seems as upsetting and frustrating as does a problem child. Buddy Scott says, "Parents, you need to know that what you are feeling is likely very normal for what you're going through, that you are not losing your mind, and that you are not alone, that someone understands and can put it into words for you, that God has not forsaken you, that you are not a failure, that it's right for you to expect your children to live decent lives, and that there is still hope." Relief for Hurting Parents can also teach parents how to keep problems from getting out of hand before they ever get started.
I want to encourage every parent to write or call for this book. It's not too late and certainly not too early to seek understanding on the art of childrearing.
Let me give one example of the insight that I personally learned from the book that, while very simple, is very profound. Brother Scott says in his book, "These home-shaking disappointments make you understand why the word rebellion happens to contain the words rebel and lion. Living with an out-of-control teenager can be like living with a lion on a rampage!" Also, I was tremendously blessed to read his teachings on the teacher (child) -- responder (parent) relationships. The child learns that he or she is teaching his/her parents how mature, responsible, and trustworthy they are by their actions, in which the parent learns to give the proper responses.

A mother and church staff member from Indiana...

Thank you for providing such inclusive and strengthening material.

A mother from Florida...

Dear Mr. Scott,
I have been reading through your book, Relief for Hurting Parents, and am amazed and comforted by the truth I'm finding on the pages of your book. As it is not my copy, I would like to obtain information on how to receive a copy as well as other materials and seminar information. Thank you for the practicality your writing has and the specifics in the various areas that affect children, teenagers in particular. Thank you, thank you!

A mother from Tennessee...

Dear Sirs,
I just finished reading Relief for Hurting Parents by Buddy Scott. This was the most informative and encouraging book I've ever read about raising teenagers. I checked this book out of a church library and would like to have a copy for myself.

A mother from New Jersey...

(Note: This is from a phone call.)
Relief for Hurting Parents is life-support in itself.

A mother and Executive Director of a counseling clinic in Texas...

Dear Mr. Scott,
I want to take time out to tell you how much I appreciate you and your book Relief for Hurting Parents. I am a counselor and deal primarily with parents of kids who come through the court system. I wish I had found this book years ago as I was one of those "good" parents whose son went astray anyway. Praise God we stuck it out and by prayer and "trial and error" we made it. Our son is now twenty-six years old and has a wife and two beautiful boys, two and one year old. I know there must be more material you have written so that is why I am writing. God does have the answers, I just appreciate the way you have put them together to help parents gain back their position in the home. Please send any material you might have that I could use, and again, thank you.

A mother from Indiana...

Dear Buddy, Dear, Dear Buddy,
Please excuse the easy familiarity and enthusiasm of my greeting. I don't mean any disrespect by it, but your book has been such a BIG part of my life in the last few months...you're like a member of the family!
I've given the name of it to parents whose nineteen-year-old daughter was pregnant, to a mother whose daughter was living with some guy, to an adoptive mother whose son is suicidal, to the mother of a thirteen-year-old "with a MOUTH," to the mother of a forty-seven-year-old alcoholic who wouldn't move out of the house...
Right now our twenty-year-old son is living in a van parked in our driveway. We won't let him "move in." When the insurance expires on the van, he can no longer drive it. I don't know what he'll do for transportation to get a job, but we are not giving him any more money, gas, or insurance. He's been fired from two jobs since May. If he was our only kid, we'd really feel like failures, but we have a daughter who is in college and doing well.
We really covet your prayers for us with our son and in starting the group in the study of your book. Mainly, I just wanted you to know what a special blessing it has been in my life.
Thank you for writing it!

A mother from Virginia...

Dear Brother Scott and staff,
I am taking a "Lay Counseling" course at a university. One of the textbooks is your Relief for Hurting Parents. I can hardly put the book down. I have read about half the book and reread some of it. My only regret is I didn't have the book about five years ago!
When I started reading the book, my first thought was, "I never met this man, how does he know so much about our daughter?!"
We have a seventeen-year-old daughter and the book confirms that we are doing things right! Even though it is very difficult.
Keep writing those good books!

A mother from Colorado...

(Note: This is from a phone call.)
Our adopted son committed a crime and because of that he has been placed with family services and my husband and I are required to go to a parenting group. The group meeting that we went to was -------- (another nationally known parent support group). It was the longest two hours of my life. It was so profane and in the small group the other parents ridiculed one parent. Their approach to healing was awful. I will pass information about Parenting Within Reason on to my church.

A mother from Georgia...

Dear Mr. Scott,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. As a single parent with a troubled teenage son, I was very fortunate when a friend called and said that Blake was involved in more than I knew. She recommended your book. She has been my support group.

Glen and Janice Thebert -- Blacklake Lodge South, Columbia City, IN...

To whom it may concern,
My wife and I are house parents at Blacklake Lodge South, a residential boys' home. We are currently preparing to teach/lead a support and counseling group for the parents of the young men we work with. We are planning to use the book, Relief for Hurting Parents, as the primary text. We have sent a letter requesting written permission from the publisher and are sending you this letter requesting any aids or materials or information on how to obtain materials that will help us in presenting the wisdom of this book more thoroughly and help the group run more smoothly.
Our reason for doing this is not for monetary gain, but as a ministry to the families, to improve the chances that the boys we send home will find parents who are confident in their parenting skills and courageous enough to confront them rather than be conned by them as they were before. (This letter was written in 1994.)

A mother from Oregon...

(Note: This is from a phone call.)
This is the most practical book I've ever read and believe me, I've read them all.

A mother from Michigan...

(Note: This comment is from a lady who called to orderRelief.)
I remembered reading Relief for Hurting Parents and thinking, Oh, God, I hope I'll never need this and gave my copy to someone who was struggling at the time. Now I need it back! (So, she ordered another one.)

A mother from Texas...

Dear People,
I have been counseling with a Christian counselor regarding my seventeen-year-old daughter. She recommended Buddy Scott's book Relief for Hurting Parents, which is proving to be excellent for my needs. I'm still in the process of reading it. In the book cover, I got the information about the parent support group and I am most interested. I feel that I am running out of time since my daughter will turn eighteen very soon. I joined -------- (another nationally known parent support group) a couple of years ago, but being that it is not a Christ-centered support group, I find it at fault of some things and have not continued with it.

A mother from Illinois...

Dear Sirs:
Thank you for publishing this book and making it available to the many parents who need help.

A father from Iowa...

Relief for Hurting Parents really helped. Great book.

A mother and father from Texas...

Dear Buddy,
Hello! I want to thank you for taking time to help our family in such a crisis and invite you to share in the celebration of Sarah's eighteenth birthday. We are notifying and reminding family and special friends (who have supported and encouraged us and Sarah during these times) that her eighteenth birthday is next month and we are asking you to send a card, if you so desire. In short, she is doing well. God has done precisely what you said He would do? He has used varieties of people and circumstances to speak His truth to her.
Thank you for imploring us to take our hands off and let Him work through others. Thanks also for emphasizing the needs of others in our home. Last year was a time of healing and rebuilding in all the relationships in our home and extended family. We trust Him to continue in all of us.

A father and mother from Florida...

I have really appreciated your ministry by book and two workshops now. My son, Brett (fifteen), will be arriving on the twelfth for the summer and your teaching is largely responsible for a new level of confidence and hope for his recovery from rebellion against authority.

A mother and counselor from Utah...

I wanted to thank you in writing and let you know how Relief for Hurting Parents reached out to my husband and myself, that is, God did through your book in our time of need. It is amazingly compatible with what we were doing, but gave us so much more in the way of specifics. We've been through it twice and utilized it as a study book as was intended. Interestingly enough, our one son, fifteen years old and in the 10th grade, was the one who we needed extra help with and an incident occurred with our seventeen-year-old son in the 12th grade while we were reading it! Our problems are not severe and we thank God for that. However each day is a challenge and often emotionally draining. Stress is not all the time, but I find your book produces strength and lets minor differences roll off and calm easier to sustain while sorting through facts to an end resolve. I have read all of ------------ (another nationally known and well-respected Christian author) and find your book most vital in promoting coping skills. I have a degree in sociology and find even though I counsel others at my church it is different when you're the one! Your book goes the extra miles with good "defense" posture for today's youth.
For me, your book was more than a "warm quilt," but was an "electric blanket" to charge me with new hope, dedication, prayers that continue, but have an enriched focus on my life and am stronger to pursue toward a Christian goal for my boys.

A father from Nevada...

Dear Buddy Scott,
I have read your book on parenting called Relief for Hurting Parents. I found it to be one of the best books that I have ever read on this subject. "It was calling out to me," my wife said as she was looking through the local bookstore. At the time we were and still are going through the valley with our daughter who is fourteen at this moment.

A mother from Georgia...

The book Relief for Hurting Parents has been an anchor in the storm. Thank you for your ministry of clearer thinking for parents in pain.

A mother from California...

Buddy Scott,
I just started reading your book. I find it very exciting and helpful. The feelings that you talk about what parents go through is what I am also feeling. I love your answers to solving the problems we have with our teens. I have two teen girls. Thank you so much for your book! God bless you!

Gregory K. Nicklas, President and Founder, Christian Heritage Children's Home
Hickman, Nebraska...

Dear Mr. Scott:
Having had the opportunity to purchase your book Relief for Hurting Parents recently, I have read the book and am writing to receive a catalog of materials for a Parenting Within Reason (PWR) support group.
As cofounder of Christian Heritage Children's Home, a residential program for adolescents, I share with you the burden for families who are filled with pain and sorrow. Your suggested approach in working with families is straightforward, realistic, and consistent with our beliefs relating to a systemic approach to facilitate reunification.
I will be teaching a parenting course entitled "Biblical Principles of Parenting" to our adult Sunday school classes beginning in March. Having the time to really teach concepts and techniques to those parents who want assistance and provide individual attention to the parents has been a concern I had not resolved until reading your book.
The provision for the support group will enable both teaching of a specific method, which you have so clearly communicated in your book as well as provide a supportive and accepting environment for those brothers and sisters in the Lord who are struggling with the task of parenting.
God bless you for your faithfulness in learning and your willingness to write on this critical issue of parenting.

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