The following excerpts are from mail received from parents of troubled teens, rebellious teens, defiant teens, strong-willed children, children with ADD (attention deficit disorder), or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). Most names have been changed to protect confidentiality, but wording and places of origin are actual.
Dear Buddy,
Thanks for being proud of who I am and believing in me and my generation. I have finished the novel, Teens Fight Adult Corruption, and I can tell you honestly that it, aside from the Bible, is the best book I have ever read. My copy has notes, been underlined, and taken greatly to heart. The Strong Wills aren't written just for those kids who are trying to rise above their environment, it's also written for those of us who have a good background but can use some of the slogans to fall back on that reinforce what we believe. The Strong Will I have been using lately and will stay with me is Scene 34, Strong Will #9: "I will not allow my peers to pressure me away from what I believe is right by hassling me, by putting down my parents or decent friends, or by threatening to leave me out if I don't conform to what they want."
The young man I was dating, Jeremy, at the time you visited with our family and church began to try to manipulate me into coming to parties with him, going places I didn't feel comfortable in, and telling me that our friends were beginning to think that I thought of myself as too good to hang out with them.
The last part of the comment I have discovered is completely false. After I broke up with him, they have more respect for me, and I am still considered part of the group. Jeremy and I are friends, but I will never get that close to him again. I also included the novel (not my copy, I bought him one) in his Christmas gift. I also plan on buying a third copy for loaning purposes because I refer to mine so often it is with me all the time. Thanks for writing such an impacting book!
It was great to finally meet you, the author of Relief for Hurting Parents, the book that helped our family heal. It is an honor to be called a child you helped parent. You have truly found God's calling for you. Thank you so much!!

Your friend always,
Melissa Hodgson (19, at the time)
North Carolina

A pastor and father from Manitoba, Canada...

(Note: This is from a phone call.)
Relief for Hurting Parents is the greatest book I've ever read. It lays down what you need and puts it where you can get it. I could see Buddy's teachings coming through in Teens Fight Adult Corruption. I love this novel. I couldn't put the book down when Dale was confronting the doctor!

A father from Missouri...

Wow! This is the first time in many years that I have read a book of this size from cover to cover in one day.
I just finished reading Teens Fight Adult Corruption.
I am amazed that this book is not a best seller. I cannot tell you how many times I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It is a very very powerful book.

A mother and father from California...

Again, our thanks for your support...and thank you, Mr. Scott, for a book that finally cuts through the symptoms and starts treating the disease.
Well, Cindy, I suppose I should try and get some rest -- it's hard to do that when your chicks are not safe at home. (There's a whole story prior to this statement about how it's an hour past curfew. Her child has been arrested in the past and is, as the mother says, involved with "family enemy #1" -- the wrong crowd.)

A mother from East Texas...

Dear Buddy,
I tell people, "If you want to raise kids with the least amount of hassle, get Relief for Hurting Parents. This book is the first, last, and only book you need on parenting." I have stopped recommending other books. This book transformed my life and my relationship with my children. The change in our home was so impressive that our kids asked, "What happened? Things are so much better now!"

A senior pastor and father from Oklahoma...

Dear Brother Buddy,
I thank God for your ministry, especially for His leadership in your book Relief for Hurting Parents. During the last year my wife and I were very distraught over our teenage daughter's change in personality, attitude, and the overall lack of respect. We were in a bookstore one day and your book caught our attention simply by its title because we were hurting...we really needed someRelief. By reading your book and applying some truths from it, we gained our self-esteem again with the determined attitude to love our daughter and to rescue her from the elements that were destroying her.
Without going into detail, I am overjoyed to tell you that we are now closer to our daughter than ever, she has done a complete turnaround, our love and respect for one another have grown tremendously. She isn't perfect...but neither are her parents. But through implementing many of the principles in your book, and through much prayer, the Lord has worked beautifully in the situation. Buddy, I am a pastor and I have ministered to families having relationship problems, but as we experienced our own heartache over a rebellious teen, the Lord has allowed me to see the great number of hurting families around us.
I read your book again with the idea of condensing the truths within it, and then sharing them in messages to our congregation. I came to one conclusion...THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO DO! The book cannot be summarized without leaving out critical areas of help.
The next best solution would be to invite you to hold a seminar in our church. I'm very confident the attendance would be great, and the subject matter is very timely. The most practical time would probably be when school convenes again in August or September. Through the summer many families do not think of improving relationships, but activities are a priority.
Basically, this is a pastor saying "help!" The need is so great, and I'm very confident that the material you have to share will be well received and very constructive as we attempt to salvage our homes.

A mother from Texas...

Dear Mr. Scott:
I have just completed reading your book, Relief for Hurting Parents, and I cannot tell you how much the information you provided has ministered to me.
Our seventeen-year-old daughter decided about a year ago to reject the Christian lifestyle she had been taught all of her life for the fast-paced world of alcohol, sexual promiscuity, and partying. The sad thing about this situation is that we were totally ignorant of her behavior until she ran away with her boyfriend for a week and no one knew where they were. Needless to say, when she did finally come home, our lives changed drastically. As I began to read your book, my first thought was, why didn't I know about this book six months ago! We would have been much better equipped to handle matters and I may not have spent so many painful days mourning the loss of my daughter and hating to have to deal with the horrible creature left in her place.
Since then we have reached a peaceful place in our relationship after much trauma on both sides. We thank God that she seems to be trying to make a new life for herself and we are hopeful that she has the strength to make the right choices.

A mother from Kansas...

I was given my first copy of Relief when my husband and I were serving as missionaries in Guatamala. One of the other missionary families had received help from it and knew of the struggles we were having with our son. Relief was a tremendous source of inspiration, guidance, and encouragement as it ministered to us as we ministered to others.

A mother and father from Georgia...

Dear Parenting Within Reason,
I bought Mr. Scott's book, Relief for Hurting Parents, yesterday and I finished reading it this afternoon. I was up until 2:00 a.m. reading!
This book was truly heaven-sent to me. During a real "low" yesterday I prayed and asked God where He was and why wasn't He helping me in such despair. A few minutes later, I remembered the book that I had bought at the mall the day before. So you see, this was one of those occasions when God answered my prayer before I even asked! The first two chapters especially addressed my feelings of total helplessness!
We have a rebellious seventeen-year-old son, in legal trouble for vandalism, and currently in a treatment center for behavior problems. No drugs or alcohol, just intense anger.

Wayne Milam, Former Director of Counseling,
Big Oak Ranch, Inc., Gadsden, Alabama...

Dear Buddy Scott,
I met you at the Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, and was impressed with your work with youth.
I read your book and became convinced your material in Relief for Hurting Parents is the most practical book I've ever read on the subject.
As you can see by the enclosed brochures, I work for a children's home. We strive to emulate a consistent Christian home for our kids. By modeling and teaching biblical truth the stage is set for real change.
I have decided your book should provide our houseparents direction with their parenting skills.
My plans are to teach our staff through your book and workbook.
I am excited about this material and have recommended it to my clients. Keep up the good work.

A mother from North Carolina...

Dear Mr. Scott,
I must take a moment to tell you how much your book has meant to my family. It helped us bring sanity to a very out of control situation.
We received a copy of your book the day we admitted our son, Daniel, to a hospital. It was the most painful day of my life. The day before, in a fit of rage, he had severely beaten me, and then turned on himself. I had to have him arrested, after which he voluntarily committed himself. It was a nightmare.
To make a long story short, God was gracious to place us in very good hands and direct us to your book. There are a lot of encouragement books out there (believe me, I've read them all!), but when it comes to the "how to's" it is very silent. Especially when it comes to teens. We have taken your book as encouragement to parent as responsible, godly parents, and use the steps in chapter 10 in each situation to help as problems arise. I have even printed them out to keep on hand. (Susan, our daughter hates this; she used to be able to guilt us into things. Now everything is on paper, so there is no confusion.)
We have had to rebuild a lot of trust, but because the kids can see that we are doing things in a systematic way, they have been more willing to come along. We have even gone to the extent of drawing up contracts, so everyone knows what to expect. Family meetings are going better. It's not perfect, but we've come a very long way. Daniel will graduate this year, and already has a good reputation at the church....He is taking his medication without fighting, and is much calmer. Best of all, he and his dad replaced the clutch in his truck, and came out laughing. There are no words to say about how I feel about that.
For the most part, with the exception of two extremely precious youth pastors and the support of the hospital people and of course our counselor, we have felt very alone dealing with all the pain. After opening up to a few others, we found out that we are not the only ones. That is why we are looking into starting a support group. We have spoken to the youth pastors about it and have received strong encouragement, as they have both read your book.
And thanks once again for honoring your call to minister to parents.

A mother from Florida...

Thanks for writing Relief for Hurting Parents. My husband and I have been helped by the book more than by the psychiatrist! Thank you!

A mother from California...

Dear Mr. Scott,
This note of thanks is long overdue. I started a Relief group some months ago with four couples who have teenagers. We meet as often as possible.
Your book has been a source of education and support for all of us. We have learned so much from your writings, and we are all trying to follow your advice. It has healed us, and our children, and given us hope that we will get through this difficult time of our lives.
You reminded me that God had and has children who were disobedient, and that He knows what we are going through and what a comfort that was for me.
When our group completes the book, I hope I can share it with other parents. Thank you, thank you for putting your insight on how to parent teens into a book! We are grateful to you! We also think your staff is awesome!

A mother and support group member from Texas...

(The following letter was written to our local ABC affiliate station regarding a series that they were doing.)
Dear Patty:
Regarding the upcoming channel 13 series on troubled teens scheduled to air this week, I would like to make some additional information available to you and your viewers.
In Katy, Texas, there is a parenting support group called Parenting Within Reason, in which I am involved. Buddy Scott wrote a book called Relief for Hurting Parents. From his years of counseling experience, Buddy put together the material for his book and from that has come the parenting support groups.
Some of the issues dealt with in our group are drugs, promiscuity, skipping school, gangs, suicide, threats, intimidations of every sort, sneaking out of the house, lying, stealing -- just to name a few.
Our group deals with both recovery and prevention. By that I mean we support each other when we're experiencing crisis times, but we also encourage and educate parents with young children who want to become knowledgeable about "teen transition trauma" (my own term).
This program is a Christ-centered alternative to other programs. Some of our five children have been involved in the other programs, and while they were a very positive influence in their lives at the time, the real changes began to happen when we (their parents) became involved in Parenting Within Reason, I can't stress enough what a "family saving" program this is!!
I hope you will look through the book and include it in your programming on this very important subject. I love teenagers, and I have seen this material and support group bring many teens and young adults back into a relationship with their families.

A pastor from Ohio...

Dear Sirs:
Thanks for much needed help. I am a pastor and parent of two adopted children and a child born to my wife and me. We are just about emotionally burned out. I appreciated especially the statement that God is a hurting father. He provided all He could for Adam and Eve, His children. Yet they still made life-changing mistakes.
I am looking forward to not only the help I can get for my wife and myself, but also for many other hurting parents in similar situations.

A mother from Florida...

Dear Mr. Scott,
Before my daughter became a teenager, I was a nice person--I need help.

A mother from Tennessee...

Dear Sir:
I have just completed your book Relief for Hurting Parents and have highlighted over half the book. It is full of information that every parent needs to know. I am going today and order 10 copies at the bookstore to give to friends.

A father and mother from Texas...

Dear Mr. Scott,
We enjoyed your book, Relief for Hurting Parents. We don't have teenagers yet, but found multitudes of principles to establish for our young children.

A leader in family ministry from Virginia...

Your book is most likely one of the most outstanding tools I've ever come across in thirty years of ministry! I will be recommending it at all of my seminars and conferences.

A mother from Colorado...

Dear Sir:
I am writing to thank you so much for your book. From the very first chapter, your book has brought direction and more peace into our lives. Our fifteen-year-old daughter was out of control. We have been to many parenting groups and counselors. But no one had put Christ's teaching and His leadership at the center of the family. I know that Christ has begun a healing in our family.

A father from Georgia...

I only wish I'd had this book five years ago.

A pastor from Texas...

As a single minister, the tasks of family studies, marriage sermons, marital and family counseling are all very intimidating to me -- I've never had a wife or children, so how do I teach with authority that the church will respect? A common comment during the parenting study of Relief for Hurting Parents was, "Brother Paul, are you sure you don't have a wife and five kids?" The material lent a lot of confidence to me. Yes, I gave your organization credit -- I'm simply saying that Parenting Within Reason has a resource here that can even give someone in my situation the needed tools to conduct family ministry.

A mother from California...

Dear Buddy Scott,
God clearly guided me to your book, Relief for Hurting Parents. He used an interview you gave on the Josh McDowell radio program to lead me to you! I happened to turn on the radio during my drive home from a stressful twelve hour shift and heard you. God and I are raising three sons, ages twenty, sixteen, and thirteen. Without child support payments, I am so fortunate to have the income of a medical professional. I remember how God comforted me five years ago when I began the medical training program while working, with an unemployed verbally abusive husband at home: In despair I prayed, "How am I going to be able to be a mother for these boys while working and becoming a medical professional!?!" Words entered my mind and soothed my anxiety: "Trust me. They're not your children, they're mine, and I will bring into their lives the people they'll need to be the men I want them to be."
I believe that God has sent you through your book to be one of those people, Mr. Scott. If I follow through with applying the principles of your book I may be able to reverse some of the damaging patterns of behavior that I allowed to develop in our home. For twenty years I've been negligent and too permissive.
Thank you for encouraging me to shed my intimidation, avoid invalidation, and stand before my children demanding that they not destroy themselves by being out of sync with me, their God, their country, and their own successful futures.

A mother and father from Maryland...

After reading Relief for Hurting Parents for the second time it's hard to put into words how wonderful this material really is. If only this book had been placed in our hands during our years of trials and errors we're sure it would have made a difference. It has to be the BEST book we've read.

A mother from Texas...

Dear Mr. Scott:
A week ago we admitted our fifteen-year-old son to a hospital. The last few months his behavior had deteriorated to the level that he had shoved everything off a teacher's and principal's desks, he had skipped school one day and gone to a neighboring campus and had a confrontation with that principal, which resulted in charges being pressed against him for trespassing and verbal assault, and he was kicked out of his school and assigned to an alternate learning center (these events were in the span of two days).
We felt something must be done. He had let his grades drop from 70's and 80's to 5's and 10's. We told him that we didn't want him in a special school or jail and that this hospital and its program was our last grasp to try and help him. He didn't want to go, but did, after we called the police and had them there in case of trouble.
Josh has been in the program for over a week. The psychiatrist that is working with him says he has never seen someone like this that is heading straight for prison if he doesn't change, no ifs, ands, or buts...
This has been very hard on me and my husband (Josh's stepfather). We are committed Christians and have sought God's will throughout this and even before this all happened. We felt that God's hand was in this because we had been praying that something would happen to change Josh. We don't know if this will be successful, since he still denies any problems, but felt that this was our only hope. Last Saturday I went to a Christian bookstore looking for something for Josh as well as me. I found your book, Relief for Hurting Parents. I have begun to read it and so much is speaking right to me. I haven't finished it yet but have looked over the chapter on selecting a treatment center and feel like we have a good one.
I guess the reason I am writing this letter is to express to you, or someone, the feeling of helplessness we have...
Again, I thank you for the words of your book (as I was looking for a book at the bookstore I prayed that God would lead me to just the one I needed, and He did).

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