Additional features of the Leader's Guide
  • Page numbers from Relief for Hurting Parents are included for quick and easy reference.
  • Two-color printing adds elegance.
  • The following photocopiable pages are included:
    • "At ease, parents: You don't have to fix everything!" ( a delightful article by Buddy Scott first printed in Christian Parenting Today magazine that relaxes parents who are frustrated by too many disciplinary issues.)
    • A fill-in-the-blank form for deciding how to discipline a child for a specific misbehavior.
    • A fill-in-the-blank form for orchestrating rescue and recovery for kids who chronically misbehave.
    • A two-color display poster of the Seven Commandments for developing a proper posture as parents.
    • An overview of Relief for Hurting Parents.
  • Includes a free spiral edition of Relief for Hurting Parents and ten gold-embossed posters to publicize your support group or class.