"This Leader's Guide is an open invitation for teachers to join forces with me to encourage parents, enhance their parenting skills, and bless their children." --Buddy Scott

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For Teaching Relief for Hurting Parents
R. A. "Buddy" Scott ©

This huge volume includes the author's personal outlines and lesson plans for teaching parenting classes for prevention and for leading support groups for intervention. This beautiful volume adds a professional appearance to presentations in group or class settings. In addition, the Leader's Guide includes 78 posters in flip chart form with a built-in easel.
The Guide includes complete instructions for starting a successful support group or class while avoiding mistakes and detours--problems that are so costly that they can completely destroy your and your organization's noble efforts.
Buddy Scott values teachers and leaders, and he designed the Leader's Guide to save them enormous amounts of work, conserving their time and energy for ministering to parents, grandparents, guardians, and through them, to their children. The Guide saves teachers and leaders from having to outline Relief, figure out how to teach Relief, develop lesson plans, make posters for use as teaching aids, make masters for photocopying, and keep up with audiovisual equipment--extension cords, overhead projector, screen, TV, VCR, and other equipment (equipment is not needed). As one teacher wrote with appreciation: "The Leader's Guide has eliminated my frustration over rounding up equipment and trying to figure out how to teach the class. Now I can give all my attention to the parents I teach."
Teaching Relief is unique. You don't teach it and leave it. You teach it again and again. This thirst-quenching well must be artesian. The flow of support for parents, grandparents, and guardians should be ever present--an artesian feature of your or your organization's life and work.

The Leader's Guide is free standing when its built-in easel is used. This makes it possible to sit the Leader's Guide on a coffee table in a home or on a table in a classroom.
When the Leader's Guide is placed on a lap, the posters drape over the knees. They are easily viewable when material is being taught in informal settings (parents sitting in a circle in a living room or classroom).
Seventy-eight posters are built into the Leader's Guide and drape in front of the podium as pages are turned. The posters are coordinated with what the teacher or facilitator is teaching.