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A Seasoned Author Responds to Peter Jennings and His ABC News Special
(A series of articles by R. A. "Buddy" Scott)
In the ABC News Special, The Search for Jesus, Peter Jennings and the scholars he chose to interview said the New Testament writers were dishonest people who fabricated and embellished what they wrote. His program communicated that probably Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem, there was no star, no angels appeared to shepherds, and there were no wise men who brought gifts to Jesus. According to them, Mary probably wasn't a virgin, Jesus may have been the illegitimate child of a Roman soldier, and the virgin-birth story was nothing more than a cover up that has been told for 2,000 years. Jesus wasn't tempted by Satan in the wilderness; instead He was probably hallucinating from hunger. According to Jennings and his scholars perhaps Jesus' body wasn't placed in a tomb. Crows and dogs may have eaten His body off the cross.
In eight articles, seasoned author R. A. "Buddy" Scott writes a rebuttal to The Search for Jesus, pointing out the gross fallacies of Jennings's piece. These articles are a must-read for all Christians, especially college students and teens. We are praying that God will give individuals the noble ministry of distributing Mr. Scott's corrective articles. You are free to download your complimentary copy, with permission from Allon Publishing to reproduce his work, provided it is kept in its entirety, by any means, including E-mail, for the purpose of distributing it to others.
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