A Seasoned Author Responds to Peter Jennings and His ABC News Special:


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The following articles first appeared as a series in Buddy Scott's newspaper column. As presented here, they have been compiled, edited, and additional material has been added. Readers have permission and are encouraged to download, print, photocopy, and distribute this work upon the conditions that the copyright information and Internet site information are not removed from the work and upon the condition that the work is distributed in its entirety.

How objective, unbiased, and balanced were Peter Jennings and ABC News?
Did they disqualify themselves by their lack of objectivity?
Why did Peter Jennings and the American Broadcasting Company
attempt to dumb down the story of the life and mission of Jesus Christ?
Who were Peter Jennings's Chosen Ones?
Why did Peter Jennings and his chosen ones judge Jesus
by comparing Him to the ancient world of mythical pagan gods?
And how could they have missed the appropriate point of reference?
Has the authenticity of Jesus perfectly survived the test of time?
Did Peter Jennings and ABC have a secret agenda?
How respectful of Jesus' healing miracles
were Peter Jennings and his chosen ones?
How can my readers and my Aunt Polly rise above and go beyond
Peter Jennings, the American Broadcasting Company, and their chosen ones?