About scheduling Buddy Scott for a seminar...

Allon Publishing has not been actively publicizing the availability of seminars for Buddy Scott due to his writing schedule. A schedule of upcoming seminars is available by selecting the link below. All other dates this year are open, and Allon Publishing is again ready to provide seminars and speaking engagements. To schedule, read the information below and call (800) 288-6333 or e-mail seminars@buddyscott.com. Serious inquiries will receive all necessary information.

Upcoming Seminar Schedule

Information about seminars: What works best?

We have found it difficult to convince people to come to a parenting seminar that occupies most of a Saturday (see the exception below). Since both parents often work and almost all single parents work, Saturday is the only day for them to catch up from the past week and prepare for the coming week. Fewer and fewer are willing to sacrifice that vital day.
Parents or guardians of compliant children hesitate to invest their time in a Saturday seminar because they don't feel that they need it. Their children are doing just fine.
Parents or guardians of defiant children hesitate to attend for the following reasons:
  1. They are embarrassed and afraid people will think they have a dysfunctional family.
  2. They are so tired of parenting that they are not about to give a whole day to it on the weekend.
  3. They have no one to watch their untrustworthy child while they attend a seminar.

Consequently, what has worked best is one-day-all-day-Sunday seminars. Successful attendance is assured, and all families in the church are blessed with the new information. Here is a suggested schedule:

  1. Buddy Scott speaks to teens and parents together in a combined Sunday school class on how teens can make effective decisions that will teach parents to trust them. (Church school teachers who have teenagers in their homes ask substitutes to take their classes for that one Sunday, and they attend the combined class with their teens.)
  2. He speaks in the morning worship service on the Seven Commandments for parents and the Seven Commandments for teens (new) and on maintaining a truly Christian home.
  3. He speaks to the parents alone in the afternoon about the Fifteen Convictions parents should honor, and he includes how-to's for applying them.
  4. He speaks in the evening worship service on forgiveness and restoration.

Churches often decide to sponsor a session for the teens and parents of their community on Saturday evening. At the event, they announce and promote their all-day seminar the next day. Some include a luncheon on Saturday for ministers of various denominations and Christian therapists as a gesture of goodwill. Exception: Seminars are effective on Friday and Saturday evenings when sponsored by an organization that has the influence to attract attendance. This includes schools, private schools, counseling clinics, civic organizations, and similar agencies.

To schedule a seminar:

Phone (800) 266-8333, weekdays, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., Central Time.