Chapter 24 (complete chapter)


Once your core group establishes the kind of organization you are, a desirable phenomenon happens: People will hear about your reputation, and people who hold to your standard will want to associate with you. Those who don't will usually want to avoid you. Numbers are not important. A group of around ten members is a nice size. Quality help is what's important, and that's why you should start your group with quality control as your top priority.

Parenting Within Reason groups may be duplicated.

A Parenting Within Reason support group for parents can be a part of your community. Caring individuals may feel free to use the name if you wish. I only request that you be true to the concepts and principles of Relief for Hurting Parents. I am claiming no ownership to the name, but I will not and cannot be responsible for what happens in the groups or as a result of the groups since I will have no supervision privileges.
Last evening, I attended a reunion of the parents who helped form our parent support group several years ago. They organized the dinner on their own and invited me to enjoy the evening with them. They told stories about how much the group had meant to them during their times of crisis. We felt a warmth and depth of friendship that is rare in these busy times. Support. We've learned the rich meaning of the word.

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