Outline of Relief for Hurting Parents
Relieving pain

"In the following chapters, I will seek to ease your pain...Hurting parents, God understands how you feel. God lost His kids (Adam & Eve)...and no one can say He didn't raise them right...our worth as parents does not hinge on the choices of our children."

Dealing with intimidation and manipulation from teens

"Parents of defiant, misbehaving adolescents are often feeling angry, guilty, helpless, drained, embarrassed, humiliated, threatened, defeated, depressed, blamed, defensive, fearful, nervous, anxious, ill at ease...These feelings are normal for what you are going through. Here are four ways parents can cope with painful feelings..."

Avoiding the seven common mistakes made by parents

"Your every attitude, action, and reaction will originate from the posture you assume before your children...This is why I'm requesting that you live loyal to the Seven Commandments for developing the proper posture as a parent. The Commandments follow..."

Reaffirming basic convictions for disciplining kids in today's times

"Imagine that your home is a fortress for providing a safe setting for nurturing and maturing your children and for rescuing and recovering any you may be losing. To accomplish these awesome purposes, you'll need to erect the following Fifteen Towers of Conviction..."

Building spiritual and emotional strength in parents

"To maintain your towering convictions and your good posture, your family fortress is going to need great strength. Therefore, the next seven chapters will help you erect Seven Towers of Strength..."

Assuring quality control

"The Bible assures you that you will be blessed if you walk 'not in the counsel of the ungodly.' A good way to check the principles and concepts presented in this book is to see how compatible they are with the story Jesus told about the prodigal son...Chapter 18 displays the comparison. As you read it, you will have an excellent illustration of how to apply the concepts and principles you've learned."

Finding and removing issues that contribute to parent-child problems

"Trespassers have penetrated your home, and they are out to destroy your gallant efforts to rescue and recover your child. You must find out who or what they are, how your family is being infiltrated, and you must expel the aliens. You must remove the Trojan horse from your home. Chapter 20 shows you how..."

Orchestrating a rescue and recovery effort to recover "prodigal" children

"Your rescue and recovery plan involves seven essential strategies for R and R that must occur relentlessly--in concert--as you seek to rescue and recover your children (or preserve your children). Here they are (a fill in the blank form is provided to assist parents)..."

Working effectively with family allies--schools, counselors,
treatment centers, juvenile authorities, police personnel

"The last portion of this book will introduce you to these allies, inform you of how to work with them most effectively, warn you about how a few of them might betray you and hurt you and your teenager, and offer guidance on how to be selective of the person you will trust for assistance."

Choosing a counselor or treatment center and starting a support group

"A support group like Parenting Within Reason (PWR) is a group of parents who have formed a companionship of mutual support based on the concepts and principles contained in this book. Selecting the right counselor (or treatment center) for your child and your family is as important as choosing a heart surgeon. In a sense, the counselor will be a heart surgeon counseling the very heart of your teenager and your family."

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