Author's Comments

I wrote Relief for Hurting Parents while director of a counseling clinic and facilitator of a parent-support group. Also, I had a rebellious child. I know how frightening, insulting, consuming, and costly it can be to have a child who sabotages all attempts to help him or her.

I experienced the prejudice: Bad parents raise bad kids. So, I write: "Hurting parents, God understands how you feel. God lost His kids (Adam and Eve)...and no one can say He didn't raise them right...our worth as parents does not hinge on the choices of our children."

I give in-depth, practical, user-friendly, and immediate help to parents in crisis while enhancing their self-esteem. A reader from Utah wrote: "Your book charged me with new hope and dedication." Great!

Also, I help parents of pre-teens do their best to avoid the horror of severe problems. I want to save everyone I can from going through what I and other parents have gone through or from what they are going through.

My new novel for strong-willed teens, Teens Fight Adult Corruption, contains 20 "therapy sessions" kids receive by osmosis. A 14-year-old recently told me she read it seven times. She gave it to a friend. He read it three times. Kids like it.

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