The best way you can assist us is to help us help others. Helping others is what we care about. You can do that by letting your world know about our presence on the World Wide Web. You are the only person who can touch your world for us. How creative can you be?


  • Send a notification of to everyone on your e-mail list.
  • Post a notice on every bulletin board that's in your world--electronic bulletin boards, bulletin boards at work, at church, at school, at the police department, in your hospital's ER, near the postal boxes at your apartment complex or condominiums, etc.
  • People who work in large corporations can send a notification by interoffice mail.
  • Place an announcement in the "boxes" of every teacher in your school.
  • Send an announcement to every school counselor in your school district.
  • Announce at home-schooling meetings.
  • Announce it in your ADD and ADHD support group meetings.
  • Announce it at your therapy group meetings.
  • Announce it at TOUGHLOVE® meetings.
  • Mr. Scott's mother tucks a notice about into all the bills she pays by mail.
  • Order free bookmarks from Allon Publishing and distribute them to others.