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R. A. "Buddy" Scott in brief...

  • Director of a counseling clinic since 1974.
  • Author of a family-counseling newspaper column since 1973.
  • Consultant to clinics, treatment centers and schools since 1984.
  • Author of user-friendly books and articles since 1989.
  • Guest appearances on TV and radio programs.
  • Presenter of seminar programs throughout the United States.
  • Speaker for school assemblies.

Brief autobiography...

I am a single parent of three adult children, and a grandparent of two grandchildren.

Shane is a university and seminary graduate and an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Church. He is pastor of Morgan City Resort Baptist Church in Morgan City Resort, Texas, near Temple, Texas. He and his wife, Lisa, have a daughter, Grace Christine, and I am her grandbuddy.

Steve graduated from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor with a degree in biology and works in optical manufacturing company as a team leader in software development. Steve has a son, Christopher Steven, and I am his grandbuddy.

Shelley has received her high school equivalency diploma. Although she went through a difficult time during her teen years, she is now working toward making things better. Shelley's adoption issues and other problems made adolescent years especially difficult for her and our family. We survived, and we are experiencing new and improved relationships.

Professionally, I have been executive director of the same counseling clinic for since 1974. Since 1973, I have written a weekly family-counseling column in our daily newspaper: I also write an article titled FOR TEENS ONLY in a monthly direct-mail piece that goes to 39,000 homes. For five years, I was a contributing editor of Christian Parenting Today magazine, and I have enjoyed writing for other magazines.

At the clinic, I have specialized in youth and family counseling, and I have counseled in our public school district's disciplinary alternative school, in our county's juvenile detention facility, and received referrals from our county's Children's Protective Services. I have served as a consultant for private schools, counseling clinics, and treatment centers. I have enjoyed being a workshop leader for the International Congress on the Family, and a professor for Youth Ministry University (sponsored by Group magazine, a magazine for professionals in youth work). I have been privileged to appear on television and radio programs and conduct seminars throughout the U.S.

Churchwise, I have worked within so many denominations throughout my life that I have become interdenominational.

For personal fulfillment, I like to write. I like to bring fresh understanding, support, direction, and hope to those who read my books and articles. Through them, I get to be with you, my readers. For recreation, I enjoy boating and working in my woodshop.

By the way, I have begun to use my initials with my nickname because other authors are writing under the name of Buddy Scott. Thus, you are beginning to see my name written this way: R. A. "Buddy" Scott.

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